Saturday, June 28, 2008

Celtic Pride : Final Payment

I've made it through the week and payed my dues like a man... today was not spectacular nor was it exciting just like the Celtics... and this T-Shirt ...

Picked up the Wii this morning and it works like a charm. After that it was back to the internet job search... then a nap... then i napped a little longer.

Nothing to do on this Friday so i stayed in painted, and tidied up my room and thats about it folks... it was what it is....

Can't wait til tomorrow...back to the purple and gold...hate if you want I'm still LA all the way!

Here is a recent commissioned job.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Celtic Pride : Day Four

Day four update:

This morning I took the Wii in for a repair, after that I dropped my car off at home and decided to walk to the bike shop and pick up Pan's bike. No one noticed today... well I did have my headphones on full blast so I couldn't hear anyone anyways.

By the way the bike works great!

Later in the afternoon Shaps and I took his car to the car wash before we went to play Basketball in Calabasas. Thats when I was stopped by a very fine lady. As we walked to the waiting area she struts towards me as I glanced at her eyes...the sweet sound of her voice calls to me and asks "is my car ready?" I replied "I don't know." As she passed she turned back with giggles...she said, "Oops you don't work here huh?"

I walked away shaking my head thinking... Its got to be the shirt.

When we got to the B-Ball courts no one really cared we won the game.
My legs are sore and tomorrow will be the last day of payment.

- Gzus doesn't wash the Celtic shirt..."FYI I Havent washed the shirt. I figure since the Celtics stink so will the shirt."
- The bet was to wear the shirt for a week (7 days), but was shortened to 5 days, if he sent pictures and blogged about it.
- Gzus is a artist and it does not pay well.
- Gzus is a Homer (Diehard home team fan).
- Gzus has a man crush on Roger Federer.
- Gzus is obsessed with the game of tennis.
- Gzus is the master of Mario Kart...except for the Mushroom stage.

Pan always says that Gzus looks like Paul Pierce.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Celtic Pride : Day Three

Wed June 25 - The morning started out slow and continued into the afternoon I did some painting and searched for jobs online. No urge to get out of the house with the gas prices so high and this dang Boston kryptonite shirt. And when I did get out of the house around 5pm I went to play tennis

Shaps came to pick me up... immediately after I got in the car he had this disappointed look on his face. This shirt has affected not only me but the people around me.

This shirt is breaking me down I lost at tennis 2 sets to 1, then
Shaps destroyed me at putt-putt. to make things worse it felt like everyone I made eye contact with, from the cashier to the security
guard... most everyone had disgusted dirty looks for me.

Thank god I got my sentence shorten to 5 days instead of 7 for good
behavior... and guess what? I'm still a Laker fan (In a Celtics shirt).

Hey Pan, I don't look like Paul Pierce.


San Francisco : On the Bridge

On the Bridge, was a place Pan and I would go eat at on a weekly basis when we lived in San Francisco. Now, we try to stop by whenever we visit.

What I love about this place is that it is more or less, a mom and pop shop, serving simple dishes, catering to the young japanese demographic. Simple japanese (with French influences) pastas and bookshelves full of comic books. On this trip we meet up with our friend Ana there.

After a long travel day, gotta start off with a beer. Nothing like a cold Asahi to help ease the painful experience of Homeland Security and United Airlines.

I ordered the Hambagu topped with grated diakon. This is served on a hot cast iron plate with mixed vegetables still sizzling when served.

Pan ordered the Seafood Pasta in béchamel cream sauce. Both dishes were as good as I remembered. I wish I had room for more. I sometimes crave their Beef Dry Curry or Mentaiko Pasta. The Bridge serves good food at affordable prices.

And of course, Pan had to get her crepe fix. Right down the mall, by the bookstore is Sophie's Crepes.

Strawberries and Cream. Look at the size of that thing. And no, she didn't share [tear].

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Celtic Pride : Day Two

Day two update:

- Didn't leave the house, except to play tennis in the early evening. Tennis instructor stops teaching to comment on my Celtic shirt, calls me "Bandwagon". I tell him I lost a bet. He shakes his head, his student points and laughs. Tennis instructor takes this picture, shakes his head again.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Celtic Pride : Day One, Better than the Slap Bet

Day one payment for losing the Celtics vs Lakers bet, Gzus wearing his Celtic shirt with pride.

Here are some updates:

- Went to the Italian sandwich place for lunch, owner tells the cashier to charge me double for wearing a Celtic shirt into his restaurant.

- Went to get a oil change in my car, mechanic makes comment about the Celtic shirt. I tell him I am a true Lakers fan and I lost a bet. All three mechanics at the shop stop work, come over and laugh.

- Went to play tennis with my friend. He takes a picture, so anytime in the future when I proclaim that I am a "True Laker Fan", he will show me the picture. I proceed to kick his ass in tennis.

"I don't think I will leave the house tomorrow." -Gzus

Monday, June 23, 2008

Burger King launches $185 'bling burger'

The world's most expensive burger - flame grilled Wagyu Beef, topped with white truffles in an Iranian saffron and truffle bun - is to go on sale at a fast food restaurant.

The world's most succulent Japanese beef is complemented with white truffles, onion tempura prepared in Cristal champagne and Italy's finest Pata Negra prosciutto.

David Kisilevsky, vice president of marketing at the fast food chain, said: "The Burger is an extension of Burger King's quality burger menu and is aimed at burger aficionados, looking for the ultimate burger taste experience.

The All Gone Breakfast Sandwich

PaulPaul made these this morning and sent me this picture. Fried spam, scramble eggs, melted amercian cheese on instant biscuits.

Me: Heart attack fool!

PaulPaul: You say heart attack I hear comfort food.

Me: Where are the vegetables?

PaulPaul: I'm drinking a V8.

Me: What do you call them sandwiches?

PaulPaul: Shoot, I don't know, I call them All Gone.

Something about those sandwiches remind me of home. Only in the south. Well PaulPaul, you will be making a batch when I come home to visit.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Celtics - The NBA Champions

Has anyone seen the Lakers? Because they didn't show up to game 6 last night. 133-92. The only Laker that seemed to play with any emotion was Lamar "Milk Carton" Odom, but only after the 3rd quarter when the game was pretty much over.

And what happened to the Best Player on the Planet. The Closer. The self nick-named "Black Mamba"? I almost forgot Kobe "The Diva" Bryant was even playing. It so painful watching the Lakers bad defense, I could not enjoy the dominating performance by the Celtics.

In the end, the best team won. No question. The celebrating started on the sideline as the Celtic bench finished the game.

Did anyone else see Paul "Academy Award" Pierce dump the container of red liquid on Doc Rivers? I made a comment about the red Gatorade, staining Doc's dress shirt. Gzus response was that Pierce is too getto, "that was Kool-aid".

With the minutes ticking down, Odom playing like there was "No Tomorrow", 5 1/2 games too late, Kobe sat on the bench, knowing that Shaq was at home laughing his ass off.

Wonder what demands Kobe "The Diva" Bryant will ask for this off season?

A much deserve championship to the three future Hall of Famers. It was comical listening to KGs post game comments. Nice to see he does not have to be so serious all the time. Missing from the Celtic celebration was two of their most important players of the series...Vladimir Radmanovic and Sasha Vujacic.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Showing the closer, how to close

My Celtics showed Kobe and the Lakers how to come back from 24 points down and actually close out the game and win. Even with Lamar "Milk Carton" Odom having a amazing first half (where has he been the first 3 games?). Somehow the Celtics kept Kobe "Pimp of Colorado" Bryant 6-19 shooting.

Question...How does Kobe ONLY take 19 shots in a Game 4 of a series final? Add that to Pau "The Donation" Gasol having another average game and the Lakers starting Vladimir "Radmanobitch" Radmanovic (you would think they would learn after 3 games), we got to see one of the biggest comebacks in finals history.

And where was Derek "Fish" Fisher at the end of the game? I think Phil helped us out on this one.

Speaking of "Fish", did anyone else catch Sam "Alien" Cassell, standing from the Celtic Bench, yelling in Fishers ear as he was taking a shot near the end of the game. That was a Bitch move. Speaking of bitch moves, c'mon Kobe; walking off the floor with 3 seconds left and talking about drinking lotsa of shots and wine at the press conference.

"You like a teacher on Sunday...No Class (Fat Albert reference)."

I will have to agree with Gzus, Paul "Academy Award" Pierce was doing a lot of acting. I know David Stern has already scripted out the whole finals, but c'mon Paul, enough with the overacting. You have just overtaken Vlade "Professional Flopper" Divac as the best actor in a NBA.

And who was the Most Valuable Player for the Celtics for game 4?...

Sasha "Celtic 6th Man" Vujacic. Screaming "Foul" when Ray "Jesus" Allen blows past you for a easy layup to ice the game, is not NBA level defense. If the Lakers continue to play this soft on D, there will not be a game 6.

Gzus, its time to get fitted for your Garnet jersey.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dart Night

We finally had our Agency vs Agency Dart Match last night. With the exception of my choking in my 301 match, we played better than expected and held home court. The 10-2 score doesn't reflect how close the matches were.

Thanks to Buchanan Design team for a fun night of darts...oh, and paying the bar tab.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Photo : Si + Siu-Fai

This photo reminded me of my brother Si and cousin Siu-Fai. Except Si is more square and Siu-Fai is a bit shorter.

This post is for Wah, hope it put a smile on your face.

Welcome Kai Hirano

Congrats to Ryuichi and Chiharu. They had a beautiful baby boy, Kai.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Celtics up 2-0

At the end of the third quarter, with the Celtics up 83-61, JoeyS got up to leave, saying the game was over. I, on the other hand, have watched Kobe carry the Lakers in these situations and come from behind (Lakers vs Spurs).

Lucky to pull this one out, I can only hope the Celtics close out their games better in LA. Again, I can thank David Stern for making this happen. This is like reading from a script.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Will the real MVP please stand up

Kevin Garnett rose to the challenge and lead the Celtics to a game one victory. I got a feeling its going to be the Greedy Bryant show in game 2. What are the odds that he takes over 40 shots in game 2?

Count Down

As predicted, with the help of David Stern we have a Laker vs Celtic finals. Being the KG fan that I am, I have a bet with the Laker homer GZus. Loser has to wear the other teams Jersey for a week.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Chalk + Sidewalk + Sun = Happy Day

One of Maya's passion is "color". Color means to draw with any medium on any medium. Markers on hand, crayons on wall, boogers on paper and her favorite medium of all, chalk on sidewalk on a sunny day.

Gzus was visiting this sunny weekend and gave Maya a few pointers. I think after a few minutes Maya decided that it was time to draw her own animals.

My favorite was what I like to call "Orange Dots on Concrete". Very abstract. Lucky for us, there was lotsa sidewalk and plenty of sunshine and chalk.

Before we knew it, the sun started to go down and a cool breeze came in from the water. Maya didn't want to stop, but it was time to call it a day.

With the dogs watching, we packed up and headed inside. What seemed like the whole afternoon, was only an hour. To end such a wonderful day on a sour note, once inside we ate dinner and watched the Spurs implode and lose to the Lakers.