Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Random Photo : TomKat

This was done over at planethiltron.com. I could not stop chuckling when I saw this photo. LOL. [Sigh]...back to work.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Maya : Week 64 (15 months)

We've been very, very busy. We said good bye to loft/party city living almost a month ago and hello to quiet but still city living. Moving was...HORRIBLE. If not for the help of many family members, we would have ended up burning half our stuff.

Pan and I have moved plenty of times. We had moved every 2 years since 1998. Just about every one of our moves was work related, which provided movers. For those who have not had the benefit of using movers, I highly recommend it.

With the whole moving thing, being the busy season at both our jobs and Maya, we made some time to catch up. So, three weeks after our move, we are now kinda/sorta settled in. Most boxes have been open. Even more stuff taken to the Goodwill or thrown out. Hopefully this is a turning point and things will slow down a bit so that we can enjoy life.

seems to develop faster than most toddlers. She went from crawling, to the Frankenstein and now fast walking...[and falling]. As I was taking her out of the stroller today, still in the air, her legs were moving, body squirming, almost like a toy wound too the max. As soon as her feet touched the ground...[puff of smoke]...she was running like Forrest Gump. And like the coach in the movie, I looked over at Pan and said in my best southern accent, "boy, that fool can run."

Thanks to all our family and friends that came to help us move. You guys have earned much deserved Good Karma and Steaks once I get my grill (Hint Hint).