Monday, March 31, 2008

The Hat - Revisit

On our most recent trip to the Hat, we introduce Maya to the Chili Cheese Fries with Pastrami. Like the "Mini Cleaner" we are training her to be, she was not intimidated, nor hesitated. Made daddy proud and scared at the same time. [tear]

I could not help but noticed that the table next to us had something I have never seen at the Hat. A strange new combination. As I kept glancing over, one of them invited me over to try. Onion rings, well done, extra cheese and extra brown gravy.

"You need to make sure you order the onions rings, well done or they get soggy." he says to me in a wise and experienced tone. I admit it was tasty. I could not eat this by itself, but shared as a side.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday : Maya

Happy Birthday Maya! Today you are two years old. The time has gone by so quickly. We celebrated with Green Tea Muffins for breakfast with pomegranate seeds on the side (your new obsession) and a big glass of milk.

Maya would like to thank Dubby, Winnie Agoo and GonGon for their calls this morning wishing her a happy birthday. Also thank you to Tomoko and Tsuyoshi for the wonderful and fun card (pictured above). I especially like the illustration Maya giving the "peace" sign and/or showing that she is "two".


Gzus came down to celebrate Maya's Birthday. After a quick dinner at China Camp we went home for...

Sprinkle's Red Velvet cupcake. This was a birthday surprise from Gzus.

(not suitable for weak stomaches)

Kill the cupcake...kill the cupcake...

kill the cupcake...kill the cupcake...

pause to clean fingers

kill the cupcake...kill the cupcake...kill the cupcake...

[sniff, sniff] The cupcake never had a chance. [Shiver] scary.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Scott Drexler Photography - Maui

If you are ever in need of a photographer in Maui, check out Scott Drexler Photography.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mud Run 07 : Mudbugs

A collaboration between me and JoeyS for last years Mud Run team.

*All work shown is copyrighted. Duplication of this photo or artwork is not authorized without the written permission from Robwonton™ or its owners.

Denver 08 : Day 4

Day four started on a sour note. Maya got sick in the middle of breakfast. Actually , Maya got sick on me. Needless to say we cleaned up our mess, Eee tipped the server very well and we high tailed it back to the hotel.

I decided to stay at the hotel with Maya. Rest with saltines and ginger ale. Really just tried to keep her hydrated. Other than the puking at breakfast, she seemed fine. We think the attitude was starting to affect her.

After spending day holed up at the hotel, we decided to make our way to the Pepsi Center. Pan wanted to get there early in hopes of seeing the warm up and interviews.

We decided to get a bite to eat at the Wazee Supper Club. I ordered a much needed pint of 1554 and we ordered the "Award Winning" pizza. Why is it that every "Award Winning" Pizza in Denver is usually Wheat dough pizza? The pizza was OK, average at best. I think it was more of a drinking place. [burp!]

The Pepsi Center was a short walk from the Wazee Supper Club.

Pan was like a kid in a candy store. Right off the bat, Eee got her a program. Yes, Iverson was on the cover.

Next stop, Iverson jerseys for Pan and Maya. You gotta show the love. Me, I had my vintage Boston shirt on.

We were spitting distance to the visiting team. Pan done good with the tickets.

Walking by the long line I could not resist getting some fresh fried mini donuts. Mmmm...Donuts. Does anyone else miss Krispy Kreme? Man I can got for a "Hot One" right now. [tear]

KG was taller than I expected.

AI was shorter than I expected.

It was a exciting game leading to half time. Lotsa scoring, back and forth. Four minutes left to half time...Yakkkkkkk!!!! Luckily I had the empty donut tray, which caught most of it. My lap caught the rest. Felt like I peed myself.

Anycase, working our way through half time traffice, Maya and I made it out the Pepsi Center and back to the hotel for bath for Maya and another change of clothes for me.

I hear the rest of the game was pretty good.

Denver pulled away in the end. KG sat most of the game, it was his first game back from injury. He looked rusty but still played with lots of energy. AI was awesome according to his number one Japanese fan.

By the time Pan got back, Maya was asleep and I headed down to the bar for a much deserved pint of 1554.

This the loot Pan got at the Pepsi Center (plus Maya's jersey).

Wow, what a day. What a way to end our Denver trip. The night ended with Pan and Eee planning trips around basketball games next year...Phoenix, Seattle, Oakland and Portland to name a few. Doesn't matter to me, I just hope they choose some place with lower attitude.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Denver 08 : Day 3

After a long Wintery day at Winter Park we decided to do something in town. One of the suggestions that my friend KMorningstar had was to meet at the Denver Natural Museam. Although our shedules did not work out we ended up at the museam anyway.

Maya was hooked from the start. As soon as you walk in to get tickets, you are met by the Bones of t-rex.

Maya go tto see all sorts of different animals and stuff. By "stuff" i mean all sorts of educational things that I can't remember, but remember liking. I remember Maya liking too. Especially the dinoursars. [Roar]

after another forgettable lunch, we took a bus to the local Mall and then a short cab ride back to Lodo.

Dinner was at ESPN Zone and we watched the All Star game. ESPN Zone just happen to be down stairs from the Westin. Pan was so happy to watch the game in big screen TV. I was majorly bummed that I could not meet up with Kev and the family. Next time. Guess it was my date with KG that had me going. We had a date at the Pepsi Center with Iverson and KG.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Denver 08 : Day 2

We woke up super early to take the train to Winter Park. The weather today was much colder. The bone chilling wind hitting us on our trek to the station was just a taste of what was to come.

We arrived to steady snow fall. Steps from the train was the lodge and slope.

We wandered the lodge area and checked out the stores. We were on a hunt for better snow shoes for Maya. The ones that Pan bought did not fit too well with her snow outfit. With not much luck we too one the the buses, which were free, into town.

After a forgettable BBQ lunch and snow boot shopping, we went a few blocks up to a park for sledding. At this point, it was snow a bit harder.

The park (playground) had free sleds. There were kids of all ages sledding everywhere.

Pan and Maya did a few runs with the help of Eee, while I took pictures. It was all smooth until Eee pointed the sled to a bump (mini jump) where pan and Maya tipped over. Nice Eee. After that, Maya had enough.

Feeling left out, I had to talk Maya into one more run with Daddy. Needless to say, I pointed us in the right direction and it was a smooth ride.

Still the snow was coming down. Perfect for snowboarding [tear]. We were all cold and over the snow. I guess we are now San Diegans.

On the way back to the bus stop, Eee repeatedly fell on his ass. LOL. Still funny every time I think about it. Karma.

We wasted time at the lodge until the train arrived. Everyone was exhausted. I forget how much cold and high attitude can take from you. The train was nice and warm. The 1554, nice and cold. Is there anything better than a cold beer after a exhausting day in the mountains? [Burp]

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tomkat Picture