Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Seattle 2009

A gift from the flight attendants. I was the only one drinking in first class. It may have been 10 AM but so what, I was on Vay-Kay.

House of Cha. Congrats on the pad Cha. Got to help with some gardening. I was a natural. Must be in my asian blood.

Loved the photo of Jedi.

Uwajimaya + Pikes Market = delicious meal washed down with large Asahi beers.

Breakfast at Easy Street Records.

Rock hopping at Snoqualmie Falls.

I remember that collection of mini beers from our trip to Japan.

Seattle heatwave. Yes, that was the temperature inside.

Thanks to Cha and Gina for putting me up and driving me around Seattle and taking me to Portland for my Kenny & Zuke's corned beef sliders and organic ale. I miss the amazingly fresh seafood and produce and the 5 different imported prosciutto di parma.