Friday, November 30, 2007

Coconut Records "West Coast"

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving 07, Part 2

We started Day 2 in Savannah with breakfast at Express Cafe. Through the years, every time I visit this place there is a new owner. Although the menu is still basically the same, the food was...ordinary. Still, sitting at the front window brought back memories of mornings spent reading the Sunday paper over scrambled eggs and cheese over a croissant.

After breakfast, we took a stroll down Broughton Street. Broughton Street is no longer the run down, dirty street with Zoot Suits and Wigs being sold on every corner. Now Broughton has a GAP™, Bananna Republic™, Panera Bread™, Starbucks™ and...

Marc Jacobs™...Marc Jacobs™? "Marc Jacobs™?" I say in disbelief. "Marc Jacobs™!" Pan says in wide eyed commericalistic intoxication.

We stopped at Chippewa Square, the lion statues caught Maya's eye, while Chandler and I had a blast bouncing his super ball, newly purchased from the vending machines at Marc Jacobs™.

Chandler and Maya got along very well. We went back to the hotel to decompress from all the commericalism. After a quick nap on our Tempur-Pedic® hotel bed, we were off to Joey and Liz's house.

Talk about controlled chaos. There where so many kids running around. Ryder, Cailyn, Kenzie, Chandler, Cameron + friend, Jack, Ben and Maya...and Don.

It is nice to have friends that, even if there has been no contact in years, once together, it was like no time has passed. No awkwardness. Just the comfort of being surrounded by people you love and trust.

After Joey's I met Mr. Hirano at Vinnie's. It was great to get to spend time catching up with him over a slice and a beer. To my surprise, Ted no longer was managing at Vinnie's, but his replacement was none other than John Pate, back from Colorado. Talk about a double take. I have not seen John since the Drexler Wedding back in 97'.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tegan & Sara - Back In Your Head

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007, Part 1

After taking the red eye from San Diego, we arrived in Atlanta, got our rental car and it the road down to Savannah. We made a point this year to have more time (3 days vs 1 day) so not rush ourselves. The drive down I-16 was no different now that when I drove it years ago. Once in Savannah, we checked into our room at the Desoto Hilton and was off for a late lunch at Hirano's in midtown.

I worked at Hirano's back when I was in college. Not much has changed. Still a line out the door. Hirano's is a cozy Teppanyaki restaurant. We where fortunate that Mr. Hirano was there manning the teppanyaki grill.

I ordered my usual, Teriyaki Steak (Medium-Rare) and Yakiniku Steak combination with steamed rice.

Pan ordered her usual, Scallop and Shrimp combination with fried rice. Soon after ordering, our simple salads of iceberg lettuce with sliced cucumbers topped with Hirano's home made Ginger Dressing were placed in front of us. Ten seconds later, I was slurping what was left of my Ginger Dressing from my salad bowl.

With our combination plates, we got accompanying sauces. Sesame Sauce, Teriyaki Suace and Shrimp Sauce. All sauces are made from scratch. All the sauces are the best I have ever had. Seriously, Pan and I have yet to find sauces or ginger dressing of Hirano's caliber at other Teppanyaki restaurants.

On this visit to Hirano's I became one of those customers I used to make fun of. I had my food DROWNING in Shrimp Sauce. I just could not help myself.

Later that evening we made plans to meet everyone at Jan-o's favorite place, Screaming Mimi's. Screaming Mimi's is Jersey style pizza joint. Being a Vinnie's devotee, I was skeptical, but Jan reassured me that I would not be disappointed. After picking up some Terrapin Golden Ale we headed to the Pizzeria.

The first thing I noticed is that there are chalk boards everywhere. So right off the bat, the kids were occupied while the grown ups huddled up and decided what to order. Screaming Mimi's is a very family friendly place. They do not have a liquor or beer and wine license and will allow you to bring you own, hence the Terrapin Golden Ale.

Another cool surprise is that you can also draw on the table tops with the chalk.

I will have to say, Jan-o was right about the Pizza. Perfectly cooked, honey brown bottom, no burned spots, crispy to the middle. Crust had nice flavor. Very tasty. I was more than happy and already planned on coming back.

The bonus was that the kids, although meeting for the first time had a blast too. Maya made quick friends with Ryder, Cailyn and Kenzie. She didnt pay too much attention to baby Carson, I think she was having too fun and taking everything in. She left Screaming Mimi's exhausted repeatly saying "Ryder...Ryder...Ryder...".

Hmmmm...I got my eye on you Ryder.

Hirano's Restaurant
4426 Habersham St
Savannah, GA 31405
(912) 353-8337

Screamin Mimi's
513 E Oglethorpe Ave
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 236-2744

Maya : Month 20

We just came back from our annual Thanksgiving trip from Georgia. We had a really great time! Usually during this Thanksgiving trip, we eat and eat. But this time it wasn' us, it was Maya! Eating machine was working for non-stop!

One day she started from yogurt and banana as breakfast. Then she had Bojangles' biscuits and dirty rise as second breakfast. As a snack, she was eating a pack of sew weed. I can't remember what she ate from after breakfast to dinner but she continued eating. Then at dinner time, she started from 3 different kinds of stuffing and turkey meat. Then the prime rib came! She even said "WOW!".

After she ate I don't know how many slices, she was so happy!

After the prime rib, we had strawberry crapes for desert. Maya ate 2 and she wanted to eat mine w/ whipping cream on it. So Maya and I fought over the strawberry crape! First time mother and daughter fought for food. I am sure we will do more. Ha, ha, ha.