Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Maya : Week 22

Pan will be traveling overseas for business this month. Just me, the doggies and Maya for 10 days. Buddy has voluntered to help with the baby duties...Diaper changing. Thanks Buddy, but I have seen how you clean yourself after going to the bathroom...I don't think so.

Maya looks more grown up everyday. She is learning how to sit up and starting to roll. Soon she will be crawling and climbing.

Baby Stats :
17 lbs 4 oz, 26 inches

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Maya : Week 21

The House of Sick continues. Maya's sinus' are still congested, blowing snot bubbles periodically. We found out that Maya is allergic to the penicillin she was prescribed. Signs (rash/hives) of the allergy did not show itself until days after. So in spite of our inexperience at parenting, our little girl is getting better by the day.

I am also getting over a cold, while Pan is doing her best not to get sick. I only hope that we do not keep passing on this funk to one another like a hot potatoe.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Maya : Week 20

Maya got her first cold. Doctor said my little girl had a fever and a ear infection. There is nothing more scary that an infant that can not properly breath through their nose. Any case, I did not help the situation by getting sick too! House of Sick [cough..cough...gag]. Lucky for us , it was Super Pan to the rescue. Pan stepped up to the plate and kept the family going. The last few days have been a blur of antibiotics and tusin [gag]. Does it get any easier? [cough..cough...gag]

On a lighter note, Congrats to Mike and Becky on their wedding.

Also congrats to Joey and Jessica on their wedding. This is a picture of me and Maya[Pre sick] at the So-dil-lay wedding.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Maya : Week 19

Maya's care giver at daycare left us a note this past week. "Need more milk, Maya is still hungry." Looks like Maya is following our family tradition of the bottomless stomach. There had been roomers in college the Pan had a second stomach hidden in her thigh and I had a 25 lb tapeworm growing in my body because we put away so much food. We used to make buffet owners cry. Now in our older years we "try" not to over do it as much, although my waist line proves differently.

Now it seems out little Maya is following in our foot steps. Like an old kung-fu movie, where two masters have a off-spring and the off-spring grows to be more powerful. The bills for future family dinner at the sushi bar is going to be ugly.[Tear]

Friday, August 04, 2006

Maya : Week 18

Maya started to do the jig as soon as we slipped on her Vans®. Its her new thing, shaking her booty in front of the mirror. Daycare has been very routine. Maya's care giver says that she is a very social baby.

Baby Stats :
16 lbs 8 oz, 25 1/4 inches