Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maya : Month 18 1/2

I am going to post this for Rob who still hasn't had vacation from me after taking care of Maya & doggies for 19 days. Sounds little hard to take care of a toddler and 3 doggies. But actually really, really hard. I do that once in a while and realize how hard it is. It's hard to imagine for people who never done it. I usually go to long business trip twice a year. Anyone wants to volunteer for next time?

Maya's been talking a lot lately. Some of new words she learned are: "Door", "Please", "Open" & "Close". She even said "Grand ma" today, looking at my parents' picture! Maya can also says 2 words put together too. When Rob asked her if she wants to wear either "Pink Shoes" or "Purple Shoes" this morning, she answered "Purple Shoes". I just hope she will not become like Carrie from the Sex and the City. I got to hold off to take her go shopping. Wait a minute...Barney's NY is going to open in San Diego!


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