Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chuck E Cheese

Maya was invited to her friend Triffany's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese this past weekend. Pan said she had a wonderful time. Running around with a cup of tokens, stopping only when a ride caught her eye. Pizza, games and cake...does it get any better?

Since our wedding anniversary and Maya's birthday are only days apart we may have a joint celebration at our local Chuck E Cheese. No greater gift to me than watching Maya have the time of her life.

On a more serious parenting note, starting a few weeks ago, Maya started using the word "No"...a...lot. I tried to explain why we need to make good choices when using our words. Now she says "No, no, no,no, no." Hmmmm. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. She has also taught this to her class mates at daycare. [tear]


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